Name: Tommy

Born: -

Birthplace: Denmark - A country with many, many islands

Sex: Male - Just for a note

Hobbies: Soccer (I can't live without), Computer (I can speak with you in #sandra) and travelling around Europe.

Job: Technican on a school - With 1500 students and 125 PC's, I have a lot to do !

First Sandra song: Maria Magdalena - First time in 1985 when it was on top in Denmark, and my favorits must be "Into a secret land" and "Hi! Hi! Hi!".
Her special voice and fantasy music made it more perfect for the pop in the 80's. I still hope we will see some more of Sandra soon - Very soon !

Dislikes: Arrogance, screaming instead of talking and troublemakers. (We could live without them). I always have time for chat and talk with friendly people with fun, humor and cool comments :-)

Goal: My goal in the future is to travel around the whole world and meet all people. Hopefully u 2 :-) and be rich. (-:

Greetings: To all of you on #Sandra. Special thanks to Arno who help me with using mIRC, Ewa who use a lot of her time to guide me through the first time in #sandra,Thanks (-: The long talks with Gosia and Bee for all fun words and characters, and Frankie who invites to join mp3, Larry for other guides of mIRC,...of course !Hi!Hi!Hi to Pakis and Leo the Lion (-: And thanks for all the pictures, MPEG's and mp3's. They will realy make it easier to live here. Love to your all. (Celebrate u'r lifes)
Thanks all of You :-)

Contact me: BabyTommy

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