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Name:  Bronte Maree Thompson. Sex:  Female
Location:  (near) Mackay, Nth Queensland AUSTRALIA Born:  23rd July 1968 - Leo/Cancer
Hobbies/Pastimes: Outdoor adventures with my 2 little boys, Travelling, Computers, Listening to music & Chatting & visiting with my on/off-line friends. Occupation:  Mum, DTP, Web Design & Electrical CAD.  I work from home and also go to school often (doing even more PC courses).
Likes:  Travelling around overseas and meeting my on-line friends. Pasta, Red wine, Spending quiet Sunday afternoons with family & friends, Walking/hiking through the rainforest, & Watching lightning over the ocean.  Dislikes:  Rude arrogant selfish people & especially fake liars who like to cause trouble (You know who you are!). Anyone who touches any of my PCs without my permission & not having enough hours in the day to get everything I need accomplished.
Favourite Quotes:  "One is never too rich to have too many friends" - unknown & "We are a family" - Bee 2000 Favourite Sandra Song:  "Way to India" & "One more night"
Why I like Sandra:  I had never heard of Sandra before I met the members of the #SANDRA IRC channel and found I liked her unique voice & style. I am only a relatively new Sandra fan, but am learning more and more about her, from this website, the IRC #Sandra channel and it's members.  Oh and the #Sandra-Trivia channel too :)
How I ended up here:  Ben (aka BWcapture & Cute Stuff!) dragged me into the #SANDRA IRC channel on December 20th 2000 so he could t/fer me a file.  Once there I met the members, Ops & heard Sandra Cretu's music. The Ops. members and regular visitors of the #SANDRA IRC channel  made me feel most welcome.  They show great kindness, helpfulness, understanding and true camaraderie.
More about me:   Hmm what else to say... Most of my time is taken up with my boys & computers. Computers at work & computers play, so when I can pull myself away from them, I like to get as far away as I can.  I often go to Grasstree Beach, where I spend a lot of time with my family & friends at the beach house relaxing and playing with my boys, we all just love it there.
Final comments:  Many thanks to Arno for creating and for the #SANDRA IRC channel, which now seems to be my new home :o)   A special hello to the 2 (little) men in my life, my fantastic boys - Daniel & Jarred *wave*  and lastly {{hugs}} to ALL my #Sandra family, you all are the best friends anyone could possible have - THANKYOU!


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