COE - Children Of England

Name: Kenneth

Age: 29

Location: Coventry, England

Sex: Male

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Likes: Listening to music and trying to find all those rare CD's at CD & Record music fairs. Reading fantasy fiction books (Dungeons & Dragons kind of stuff) my favourite author being Raymond E Feist. Playing Tomb Raider, Warcraft 2, Tekon 3, Marathon 2 etc etc etc. Using my Mac Computer to either play games or create work on, mainly in Photoshop and Freehand. Talking to my 2 most favourite girls, Bee and Gosia, and also all of my other good friends on the #Sandra IRC channel.

Dislikes: PC's and all those hundreds of terrible Boy Bands around at the moment.

Favourite Music: Sandra, Enigma, TAAW, Hubert Kah, Angel X, Sarah Brightman, Andru Donalds, Princessa, Simple Minds, Simply Red, James, U2, The Corrs, Deep Forest, etc etc etc

Favourite Movies: Rear Window, Aliens, The Shawshank Redemption and many many more!

How did I become a Sandra Fan?: A friend from college who was also in to Enigma like me, introduced me to Sandra's music. The first song he copied for me was "The Journey" because of its Enigma sounding qualities. After that he copied the singles "One More Night", "Don't Be Aggressive" and "Johnny Wanna Live" for me. Sandra's soft, sensual and sexy voice had me totally hooked, her voice was so unique and unlike anything I had heard before. Since then I've done everything I can to get all of her albums and singles.

Favourite Sandra Song: Now this is a tough question!! I don't hate any of her songs, and their are so many good songs to choose from. But I'll give you just 3 of my top favourites: "One More Night", "Steady Me" and "Johnny Wanna Live." I'm bursting to say more but I shall hold myself back! ;)

Favourite Sandra Album: "Paintings in Yellow" closely followed by "Close to seven"

Remark: I sometimes wonder if I'm the only English Fan out there? Tell me if I'm wrong! ;)

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