Name: Pakis

Birthdate: 10-3-'74

Location: Argos-Hellas ( Greece )

Sex: Male

Music: SANDRA (Cretu), Michael Cretu ,Enigma , Modern Talking ,Madonna, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan ,Michael Jackson ,Bad boys blue... and also anything i think that is good !

Favorite SANDRA song: Heaven can wait ( I canīt explane why )

Favorite SANDRA Album: Into a secret land and Mirrors ( cause i have nice memories of those years)

Films: I like comedies, adventures... and anything good but I prefer the sci-fi films so i like most this sort, like : Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Terminator, Armageddon, Lost In Space, Jugde Dread, Matrix... also Braveheart

Hobbies: Here i like music most. And also i use a lot of equipment for it like my computer for making my cd's and for Mixing Music which I share with other fans and for personal pleasure. Also i like watching movies with the necessary equipent too, and to chat with friends and the friends that i found on the network. Beside that I also like taking pictures especially in the summer under the Greek sun at the blue sea ..... To mention some in a few lines.

PC make: Pentium II-233 100 MHz intel seatle ax-motherboard, 64 MB RAM, HD 8+2 GB, Creative Encore DVD , Soundblaster 64Gold soundcard and Diamond AGP graphic card.

Collections: CDs, 12" Vinyls, Phone Carts, Coins, Artists Fotos, DVDs, Films

Mirc: I found the channel #SANDRA in mIRC at juli of 1998. ( I never forget the TheSFC which it helps me to enter..)

Quote: "If you like to get in touch with me then I will be glad to hear from you"

Contact me: DJ_Pakis

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