nickname: FITCHgirl

name: come on join our channel #sandra - IRC, SANDRAnet and i’ll tell you ;p

age: under 30 of course (join SANDRAnet #sandra and i’ll tell you ;p)

location: boring TX

sex: female

hobbies: eating, sleeping, and listening to music, fav. sport is soccer

fav. songs: snowin’ under my skin, under my skin, wenn der mond die sonne, secret land, your way to india, invisible shelter & one more nite, traeumen und hoffen…especially >>life in mono by mono & es ist vorbei by blumchen & when you came into my life by scorpions & truly, madly, deeply by savage garden<<

fav. albums: none

fav. lyrics: invisible shelter, one more night, your way to india, and secret land…especially >> es ist vorbei ;( & du bist die insel ;) <<

fav. composers: hubert kemmler, klaus hirschuburger, markus lohr, michael cretu, thissy thiers, peter ries, & jens gad

fav. season: fall

fav. clothes: abercrombie & fitch

how i became sandra fan? first i fell in love w/ michael’s voice in “in the heat of the nite” song, after that i kept searchin’ all sandra songs and her infos and now i’ve became one of her true fans ;)

fav. friends/fans: potato ( : - ) hallo there stephan ;) he’s really a great friend (: but a little bit silly - ken (hi kennnnnn. ~:-) aww..a funny friend of mine. he’s sooo sweet and lovely. talking with him is very interersting. always feel so nice whenever i talk with him - jordi (hola carino ;) he’s so sweet & cute. gracias for always being there for me (; - Frankie (hallo mein Bruder {:-3) he’s very helpful guy and friendly and funny and sweet and hmm...what more do i have to say about you my brother? ;ppp - espen (heia espen ;))) friendly and sweet ;))) - pakis (0h jeezz...a GREAT DJ) thanks for all mixes. cool DJ!!! - theSFC (H0I!!!! my nice thanks for everything.w/out him i wouldn’t know good friends - atre (salut catalin!!! ;) thanks f0r always being so nice and friendly (: - gosia (hiya girl =) she’s a cool and beautiful ;))) thanks for the files *mp3 & mpg* ;) - LastOmega (bonjour francis...whow he’s intelligent, smart, genius, cool, nice, and helpful... ;) thx for everything.

quote: "d0n´t care what people say-just follow your own way" in RTI by enigma

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