Name: Ewa

Living: the Netherlands

Hobbies: Listening to the good music , computing , reading books and when nice weather - riding far away on my bicycle and enjoying the beautiful places

When did I become a fan:
In 1985, since I listened to "Maria Magdalena" for the very first time.

Favourite SANDRA songs:
Well it's really difficult to decide, because I like all of them , but if I must: that will be probably "First Lullaby" , "Seal It Forever" , "I Close My Eyes" and "Forever" (I just LOVE ballads! :)

Favourite SANDRA Album:
"Close To Seven" and "Paintings In Yellow" and now I enjoy a lot when listen to "The Wheel Of Time" !

Favourite SANDRA Videoclip:
"Heaven Can Wait" and "Everlasting Love - extended version"

Favourite Music:
SANDRA , Enigma , Moti Special , ANGEL ! (Andy Jonas) , Tagträumer , Andermay , Münchener Freiheit , Andru Donalds , Sarah Brightman , Mylene Farmer , Nathalie Cardone and a lot more...

Animal abuse/killing and abusing animals just for fun : (

Arrogant and intolerant people.

Favourite Actor:
James Spader

Favorite Author:
Alister MacLean, I like his way of writing great action stories with a touch of humour.

Favourite Animals:
(especially Golden Retrievers)

Hopes :
That there will ever come time , when is NO any WAR on this planet...

Being a part of #Sandra on IRC :
Since 31-10-1999 , thanks to theSFC

Greetings :
To all my real friends :-)

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