Name: Harry

Born: 4th of May in 1966

Living in: Mannheim, Germany

Astrosign: Taurus

Favourite Music: guess what? :o)

What I like: making Nonsense, being lazy, Music, Computing, SANDRA (!!!) and secondbest Mariah Carey (sorry Arno!) :o)

What I dislike: Arrogance, Smoking, People who only think of harming each other.

Favourite Sandra Song: Heaven can wait.

Favourite Sandra Album: Hard to say,but I think it is Close to Seven.

Personal Quote: "Silent Cries, endless Skies... a Dream of Freedom never dies.".

Greetings: Frankie and Arno for delivering great MP3īs, Bee for always being an Inspiration Agun for being cewl and polite all the Time The whole Rest for just taking Part in the Experience of Sandra,the Goddess

What else do I have to say:

What else do I have to say: Well, what could it be... Arno,keep up the brilliant work in uniting the Fans of Sandra worldwide. As long as the Spirit lives and the Spark is there, the Fire will keep burning. Hey,whatīs that little thing again buzzing around my head?! :o)

Contact me: mailto:HCWPROD@aol.comv

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In Mannheim, Germany