Madison, Wisconsin USA

I became a Sandra fan: I was stationed in Kaiserslautern (West) Germany and I seen the video to "Maria Magdalena" playing on a video jukebox. I watched and was impressed by Sandra's singing and dancing on the video. I found the 7" the next day. Soon "The Long Play" followed on LP, and eventually I located a CD a few months later. I knew I had come across somebody special.
Favourite Sandra song & album: I still find something new from each listening so I'll choose to plead the 5th Ammendment .-)
Why I am still a fan: Living in the USA it hasn't been easy. In 1989 the Cd "Everlasting Love" was released over here. It was in late December of 1998 that a true miracle occured for me though. I came across "Fading Shades" and the bootleg "19 Greatest Hits" in the same night which set me on my way to getting all the rest of her CD's. It was the chance to view her videos and hear her 12" singles through #sandra that truly made me appreciate Sandra and her team of people. (Thanks to Arno & Frank especially for helping make that possible)
Hobbies & Activities: Collecting music and Comic books, Bicycling, My Computer, Growing garlic, Listening to my music, and watching videos through my hifi stereo. Going to see live concerts and dancing to a good band, or recorded music.
My 3 Favourite Singers: Sandra, Kim Wilde, and Pat Benatar. All 3 have had long careers, and in their time all have evolved and progressed to become songwriters as well. Sadly, their record sales suffered because of it, but for doing it they have earned my admiration.
Other favourites: Too numerous too even begin to mention, the most important elements must be a good voice, good lyrics, and music. Sometimes some of my best musical discoveries have come from "cut-outs" and bargain bins. I have really become a fan of contemporary American folk music lately as the chances of seeing a live performance from them are quite great.
Why I am on #SANDRA: For the other people who also frequent the channel. I've met people who have been Sandra fans as long as me, and people who may have just discovered her music. The great people on this channel have helped me increase my computer knowledge too. I am constantly amazed at how a common love and interest can bring so many people from different ages and cultures together. The rest of the world could learn a lesson from #sandra I think. I've also learned of the existence of other great musicians I'd otherwise never had known about.


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