Name: Frank Wäterling
Age: Still feeling like 20 ;-)
Location: Wilhelmshaven in Northwestern Germany, at the North Sea coast
My job in life:
I work in customer service for Germany's biggest media company
My job in our chat channel #sandra:
I'm the channel manager of #sandra and an IRC operator of the network. So if you have questions or a problem concerning #sandra and/or its members, you can turn to me and I will try my best to help you.
I'm also postmaster of SANDRAnet and responsible for the Sandra discography and the video of the month.

What I enjoy: Being together with my close friends, good food, good music, good movies, serious discussions about god and the world. Basically I like all the good things in life. I also love humour, irony and satire.
Things I don't enjoy that much: Arrogance, ignorance, people who act before switching their brains on. Furthermore, I dislike superficiality and people who try talking about stuff they know nothing about. I hate it when things don't happen as planned or when schedules change in last minute. I loathe unreliability, lies, backtalk and hypocrisy
My biggest character flaws:
I'm a perfectionist, thus I don't like relying on others and especially have a problem tolerating people who don't show the same devotion, enthusiasm and appreciation for something as I do or who seem not to be qualified to do a certain job. When I consider myself superior, I unconsciously let people recognize that.
I need time to get warm with people, I'm not somebody who opens up easily. And caught on the wrong foot, I can get rather nasty. Often people who don't know me well, mistake my behaviour as arrogant or think I'm a smart-ass. 
What kind of a person am I after all?
I'm introvert, sometimes a loner, humourous, passionate and overall an "optimistic pragmatist". There is hardly anything I wouldn't do for people I care for (although I can be very lazy *lol*). I'm calm and very forgiving towards my friends but when I get heavily disappointed by somebody or when someone manages to really make me angry, then it usually is final and then there's almost no way to win my trust back.

The Music I like: I believe in the words of Leonard Bernstein: "There is no bad music, only bad musicians". Therefore I like almost all kinds of music and I do not part between "light" and "serious" music at all. Here is a list of pop and rock artists who I also really like (besides the Cretu family):
Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Mylène Farmer, Mike and the Mechanics, Chris de Burgh (before 1986!!!), Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Deep Purple, Andreas Vollenweider, Hubert Kah and many others but that is too much to mention.
I also love classical music very much and folk music (esp. Irish folk and Celtic) and most kinds of Jazz, too.
I don't like Hiphop, Rap and music that is boring and without any meaning. So I ignore the music charts, also never watch TV programs like MTV or Viva, because that commercial junk doesn't interest me at all. Considering this, my passion for Sandra is an exception :-)
Oh... and I really HATE German folk music.
Hobbies: High Fidelity (and I mean it!!), Music, Home Cinema, PC, Geography and maps, and many, many other interests :-)
Favourite movies: "The Lord of the Rings", "Dances with Wolves", "Bram Stoker´s Dracula", "Close encounters of the third kind", "Citizen Kane", "Contact", "The Shawshank Redemption", "The fifth Element", "Forrest Gump" and many, many more...
Why I am a SANDRA fan: Normally I am not a true fan of commercial pop music (like already said above). But in Sandra's case I make an exception. Because of her unique, sensual voice, her perfectly fitting music with that special style, her beautiful looks and because I admire her professional yet natural behaviour.
And she was and is the best female pop star Germany ever had. Period!
Favourite SANDRA album: "Close to Seven", because it is the most mature one.
Least favourite SANDRA album: I like them all but if I had to choose, I´d say "The long Play" (also not very well produced in my eyes).
Other passions I didn't mention yet:
I'm a HUGE fan of the science fiction series "Babylon 5" and a HUGE fan of Laurel & Hardy.
Final remarks: Come to our Live Chat ( and we'll probably meet there :-) We can offer a warm and cozy place for Sandra fans who feel lonely in the big wide world ;-)

  Pictures of my hometown of Wilhelmshaven:

Großer Hafen
The inner harbour
Wilhelmshaven is Germany's biggest naval seaport
Top 1
A North-East view from the top of the city hall
Top 2
And a South view from the top of the city hall
Winter 1
My street in Winter
South Beach
Wilhelmshaven's landmark: The Emperor-Wilhelm-Bridge
Winter 2
Winter impression of my backyard
Winter 3
Winter mood at South Beach
Wilhelmshaven is also Germany's biggest oil seaport


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