Name: Gosia

Born: December 1977

Where from: Originally from Poland (czesc wszystkim rodakom!!!), currently living in St. Louis, MO

Likes: Sandra, closely followed by Depeche Mode. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear Depeche Mode's "Freelove" covered by Sandra =0) I'm also into all kinds of alternative music and good techno.

Dislikes: Close-minded people

What I do: I am a grad student working towards my nurse anesthetist degree (CRNA)

How did I become a fan: way back in 1987 or so I heard "Little Girl" and "Maria Magdalena". I liked them a lot, but the true ´love´ came a year later with "Secret Land" and "Heaven Can Wait". I haven’t stopped listening to Sandra since!

My favorite Sandra album: "Into A Secret Land" and "Wheel Of Time". However, every album has a different atmosphere and is special to me in some way..

My favorite Sandra song: Up until the new album was released, my favorite songs were "One More Night" and "Johnny Wanna Live." While they still remain special to me, number one was taken by "Forever"
and "I Close My Eyes."

Special thanks: to all my good friends from #Sandra who have been so supportive of me, especially in the hard times

Personal quote: "If it's meant to be and you want it bad enough, it will happen"

Life philosophy: "Live every day like it was your last one"


Contact me: Gosia

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