Name: Arno

Age: 39

Sex: Male

Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

Isabelle A.: Big kiss for Arno
Isabelle A.; "Big kiss for Arno"
SANDRA (Cretu), Hubert KaH, Michael Cretu & related artists but also MADONNA, NENA, Isabelle A., Mylene Farmer, Celine Dion, well and so a few more others too...

movie; Favorite actress: Jodie Foster, she is not only gorgeous but without a doubt the best actress in the world !

Dislikes: People asking "How old are you ?".

Hobbies: Computers, Maintaining homepages, listening to music and radio-jingles, watching movies with Jodie Foster and being on the internet!

Computer in use: Pentium II-350 - 100 MHz bus, Elite P6BX-A+ Bx-motherboard , 128 MB RAM, HD 12 GB Creative Encore DVD (to watch DVD movies with Jodie), Creative 64Gold soundcard, Asus V3800ultra AGP graphic card (to play with Lara ´Tomb Raider IV´ Croft :) and ´Unreal´ !), etc.. Internet connection: 64K EURO-ISDN and CABLE-modem.

Favorite SANDRA song: From the album ´Close To Seven´ the song ´Love Turns To Pain´

      NENA: For Arno from Nena
NENA;" For Arno from Nena"

Favorite SANDRA Album: I have always difficulty to decide on one of two. But depending on my mood it are "Painings In Yellow" and "Close To Seven".

Quote: "See you hopefully soon on IRC; server, channel #SANDRA !!!"

Neat things:
Since 1989 being a part of (the worldwide)SANDRA Fan Connection.
Certainly I dont forget the period from 1977 until 1986 when i made radio programs for FM, AM & SW pirate and free radiostations...

in The Netherlands such as...
Radio Veronica Den Haag       Radio Veronica Den Haag, Telstar Radio, Mi Amigo Ederveen, RLP Beek en Donk, Marina Eindhoven, IBEON Asten, Coralfisher Int Raalte, ...

    Radio Coralfisher Int.         Radio Lawaaipapegaai Beek en Donk         Radio Marina Eindhoven    

or in Belgium for stations as... Radio Alpine Roeselare,

Radio Alpine Roeselare (Belgium) live at Alpine Radio Roeselare (Belgium)

Radio Benelux Eupen, Radio Westpoint Koksijde, Radio Atlantis Mol, and many more

    Radio Benelux Eupen (Belgium)         Radio Caraad Aarsele (Belgium)         Radio Marina Westkust - Koksijde (Belgium)    

Also internationaly for UK's Shortwave station Radio 49 International. and thru jingles on many more european radiostations. Its in here that i found my love for radio jingles & tunes :-) as you can hear since 2000 on the internet station "radio mp3jingles".

    Radio Westpoint Koksijde         Radio Mp3jingles - Internet Stream Radio    

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